wetplate collodion photographer in denver, colorado tintype photographer

Wet Plate Tintype Portrait Sessions

Are you looking for a truly unique portrait? Do you want a photograph that is authentic, antique, and full of style? Old West Style Portraits? Forget Instagram filters, let's do the real thing!

I create modern wet plate collodion tintypes, and ambrotypes in studio, or on location in a variety of sizes ranging from 4x5 to 8x10. High resolution digital scans are included with your plates. Framing and prints are also available.

Tintypes are on blackened metal.
Ambrotypes are on black or clear glass.

Pricing depends on the number of people in the photograph, size and substrate, studio or on-location.

Sessions typically run 2-3 hours and each plate takes approximately 12-15 minutes. Sessions require a deposit and minimum plate purchase.

Contact me for complete pricing.

Watch the video from my Neighbours Project, a photo/video art essay to share the stories of the homeless in Denver. You can also see the behind-the-scenes process of producing a photograph.

wet plate portrait of a man with a beard

New Hybrid Technique Sessions

Most recently, I have developed a new hybrid technique combining my 1870's lenses and camera but with digital capture. The image captured is the same since I am using the same historical lenses.

The final portraits are then printed on metallic photo paper and the results are extremely similar to a tintype plate. They have a eerie 3d feel and look amazing in the sun or under a spot light. I can produce prints up to 30x40 without any resolution loss.

This hybrid process has several benefits:

  • Sessions aren't restricted by developement and sensitizing times
  • Not subjected to weather or location limits
  • More portraits in the same amount of time
  • Lower session rates
  • I can guarantee results

The portrait here was of a man that grew out his hair and beard during covid. We continued to take portraits as he trimmed and shaved back to his old/new self.

wet plate portrait of a man with long hair and beard
wet plate portrait older couple in detailed embroidered clothing
wet plate portrait of a couple with woman in hat

Tintype Photobooth

The hybrid technique enables me to set up a tintype wedding photo booth or coporate events and conventions. I can capture images within 2 minutes vs 20 minutes. I produce 5x7 metallic prints on-site within minutes. I use the same historic gear as with my tintype sessions.

The final metallic prints look amazing and have their own unique character and are very convincing to the real thing. They are an amazing gift for your guests. The final prints come in a jacket for safe keeping and display.

Tintype Photobooth Features:

  • I can produce approx 30 images an hour vs 4
  • No weather or location limits
  • Final portraits are ready in minutes
  • Copies are available
  • Unlimited metallic prints
  • Prints can be branded
  • Custom labeled photo jackets
  • I can guarantee results

The images really speak for themselves. The images below were taking during a rainstorm at a wedding rehearsal dinner and the 125th Anniversary for the Colorado Chautauqua.

wet plate portrait of a man with long hair and beard
tintype photobooth at colorado chautauqua 125th anniversary party
tintype photobooth at wedding rehearsal dinner
tintype photobooth band group photo 125th Anniversary for the Colorado Chautauqua tintype portrait photobooth at riverbend in lyons colorado